1. Susie

    Hi Mike. My phone calls won’t go through. Hope you had a great birthday. Hope you stay safe while filming this summer. Super hot here in Springville. Devin is leaving for Moldova tomorrow. He will be an hour from the Ukraine border helping with refugees. He has been assigned to teach kids coming to the USA. He will be there 3 or 4 weeks. Kids all doing well. I broke my hip going down some stairs last year so use two canes but hanging in there. Love you.

  2. Linda Moses

    Just looking back on memory on Facebook and saw this beautiful post of yours. Love it. Love you and yours. Hope you are all doing OK with all the quaking and shaking. We are all OK so far and none of us has caught the virus. It is rapidly growing here and they are threatening another shut down. I have stayed inside since the first one and it is finally getting to me. Joseph moved to Missouri on his wife’s grandparents farm. Jason lives in Provo. Devin stopped to see me on his way back from camping in the CA mountains with his friend. He is doing good. He has to teach art on line which has been a struggle because the kids don’t have supplies. Danae is doing good too. Her youngest step child just graduated High School and is huge like Tyffanie’s husband. Celeste is working two jobs and busy. Tyffanie is doing OK in Puerto Rico, luckily they rarely feel any earthquakes where she lives.

  3. bernadette

    Wonderful photographs! I enjoy viewing your pictures of Nature in the Wild. I’m a great fan of John Muir who travelled to Alaska to see the glaciers. Thanks for sharing your artwork.


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