28-11-6Snowshoe hare watching it snow in Idaho.

I LOVE SNOW!   Winter is dramatic and photogenic.  For wildlife it creates a beautiful contrast.  Winter can be tough for wildlife but for some species, like ptarmigan, snow is a lifesaver.  Burrowing deep into the snow keeps the ptarmigan safe from dangerous temperatures in the far north.  For photographers, snow covers up all that distraction simplifying your compositions.

7-194-4Moose in Idaho shakes a load of snow from antlers.

516-132-1Trumpeter swan buried alive.

55-11-1Lynx after fresh show.

2-59-16White-tailed deer hides behind snowdrift.

10-156-2_bison-bYellowstone bison plows snow in search of grass.

633-9-6Saw-whet owl.

hb cranberry-13-22High bush cranberries.

willow ptarmigan bedded down in the spruce forest,  Alaska.Willow ptarmigan settle into snow burrows and escape dangerous temperatures.

12-211-2Bighorn sheep.

snow snake-1Snow snake.

cabin-2Snow bound in Idaho.

ngs raven-4Late for work.

tanada peak, 11Tanada Peak, Wrangell/St. Elias National Park, Alaska.



3 thoughts on “LET IT SNOW!

  1. Marcia Riquelme

    Adore your winter wildlife photos! Trying to study many birds and mammals, right now, a real look at ptarmigan and fox’s eyes. I will keep returning to see your wonderful work! –Marcia

  2. jess jordan

    Alaska is so beautiful,I was there in the summer. The winter shots are awesome.. How do you stand the cold? Best shots I have ever seen.. THANKS Jess P. Jordan,Canton,Ga.


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