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  1. Christopher Cook

    Happy New Michael!
    I am a great fan of your work. You would remember me from my place at 2.6 mile Nabesna Rd. with a Connex and unfinished shop/house construction project. I am on the Tok Airport now.
    I have really enjoyed your story and the remarkable picture you captured of Deirdre’s Grizzly. I have thought about that image for a long time and cannot get over that bears remarkable likeness to the extinct North American Short Faced Bear – a powerful, ferocious bear with a Pit-bull-like head like your bear – and rather lanky too! I have visited the wonderful Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center in Whitehorse a couple of times now and love the reconstructed skeletons, animal models and exhibits. If you saw their Short Faced Bear models and skeleton you would think the genes of that bear are very much present in the bear you photographed! I would love to see you share your photo with them! I think they would find it VERY interesting!
    http://www.beringia.com/index.html Go to research and click on Short Faced Bear for info. Sadly they don’t have any good images there though.
    All the Best, Chris


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