28-18-35Very few birch still have unshed leaves during the long Alaskan winter and most are just too high for the hares to reach.  But this winter extra heavy snows, more than three feet deep in places, brought a limited amount of these prefered leaves within reach of the hares.

28-18-31Alder is on a snowshoes “short list” of favorite winter foods.  Of course leaves and small branches are prefered.



28-18-3This snowshoe hare feeds on the bark of alpine birch.  Hares often dig deep into the snow to reach the small twigs of blueberry.  And, the large number of willow species found in these northern boreal forests are another important winter food.

18-63Snowshoe at sunset checks out a birch sapling.


2 thoughts on “HUNGRY HARES

  1. Ame

    Thank you so much for taking these images of snowshoe hares. they bring me so much joy. I am in love with these pretty images.

  2. Christopher Cook

    Thank you Sir!
    You continue to amaze and humble me with your patience and dedication in documenting the secrets of our natural world and the intimate lives of our wildlife Inhabitants in our home – Alaska! Your work is an invaluable contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the Natural World of the North.
    Looking forward to Your Book ;)
    Thanks again, Chris


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