A female northern flicker approaches the nesting cavity.

Life at the nest of northern flickers is at a frantic level.  Most of the long, Alaskan summer days keeps the adults working at a breathless pace.  The pair at this nest take turns guarding the nest from the resident red squirrel or trespassing northern flickers and taking forays out into the black spruce forest to hunt for their main food, wood ants and their larva.  When the female arrives back at the nest cavity with food for the young, the male departs.

To listen to the audio clip, click on left side of the bar. Volume at right.   Adult male northern flicker responds to his mate appearing near the nest.  Then listen as female enters nesting cavity to feed chicks.


Female flies from the cavity after regurgitating ants and larva to her chicks.


Male flies from cavity with fecal sack.

2 thoughts on “NESTING FLICKERS

  1. Lani

    Just read your article in Country magazine. Wonderful pictures on this website! I can’t wait to show them to my husband. He would have loved your way of life.

    1. Krystal

      My eyes are just skpinipg from one cool shot to the next. I think my fave of the bunch has to be the second one down on the left. Or maybe the third down on the right. Though I enjoy seeing you in the second one down on the far right too. :)


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