aurora borealis-16-23Overflow ice floods Rufus Creek as Aurora Borealis dance.

Rufus Creek flows through our ten acres of black spruce forest on its way North to the Slana River.  The northern boreal forest is a patchwork of dynamic land forms and plant communities, niches that a  few hardy species of wildlife can exploit.  Diversity of life here is low but the species and settings are spectacular.

1_3Red fox

665-16-2             Boreal owl

5-13-17Alaskan moose

518-199-3Willow ptarmigan tracks

518-13-14Willow ptarmigan


aurora borealis-16-19Aurora borealis

526-15-19Northern hawk owl

51-13-6Northern red-backed vole

640-15-6Pine grosbeak

1_2  Marten
525-13-1Great gray owl



2 thoughts on “RUFUS CREEK IN WINTER

  1. Paul Harman

    Gorgeous wildlife photography Michael. A pleasure to view in their natural setting. I like to add wildlife into my paintings from time to time because they give it a true sense of the natural landscape. I work from my own photos, but seldom have an opportunity to photograph the owls, moose or martens since they aren’t native to this area of northern, California. Thanks for sharing these!


  2. Connie Sproles

    I love any and all of the pictures that you send to me email, you have the greatest job on earth and you are great at your work! Thank you so much for taking pictures of the wildlife and everything, since some of us will never be able to see something like this in our lifetime. I love your work!


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