aurora borealis-15-115Our home in the wilderness.

This post is in support of the recent story that appeared in the February 2016 issue of Country Magazine.  The story is about our families life in Alaska.  The following photographs are some that did not make the final layout in the magazine.  Several Country Magazine readers have requested to see more photos.  This is for you.homestead-4Original homestead cabin.  Slana, Alaska

homestead-132Cindy at Rufus Creek.

5-16-1Cow moose in the stunted spruce forest.

homestead-129Josh and Cindy walk to the school bus stop at minus forty five below.

aurora borealis-16-17Aurora borealis

homestead-120Getting water from the spring.

homestead-135Josh in the Snorkel hot tub.

55-15-39Lynx in the spruce forest.

homestead-123Rebecca skating on mountain lake.

homestead-124Alder leaves locked in the ice.

homestead-131Josh and Rebecca check out grizzly tracks.

mt_sanford_sunrise-2Mount Sanford of the Wrangell Mountains.

homestead-13Old Homestead cabin in Slana, Alaska.

NGS Picture Id:742773Rebecca in the tub.



One thought on “LAST HOMESTEAD

  1. Marcy Valverde

    Hi my name is Marcy Valverde i subscribe to Country Magazine i saw your pictures, my am i envious of you. What a gorgeous home and land you have. I live in Michigan i have 4 kids almost grown and my husband recently passed away. We have land up in northern Michigan in Cheboygan near Lake Huron in the woods and it’s beautiful there but nothing like what u experience. The northern lights are breath taking. My husband and I had always dreamed of moving to Alaska. You must thank God everyday I know I would.Thank u for sharing your photos. Where did u live before u moved to Alaska? Do u have anymore pictures? If so can u share more? I’d love to see grizzly bears if u have any. Thank u again


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