526-12-491Though unable to fly three-week old hawk owlets are ready to make the leap.

526-12-414For young hawk owls the ground is a dangerous place.

526-12-444Using talons, wings and beaks hawk owlets climb thick black spruce.

526-15-197When I approach the hawk owlet tries to be inconspicuous by compresses its feathers.


The going is tough through the black spruce bog as I photograph a family of hawk owls on the move.


Mother owl has five owlets nearby and I am not welcome.  She is very quick and very aggressive and I must be stay sharp to avoid being blind-sided.  Once while my guard was down she struck me in the face.

15-181The female feigns injury attempting to lure me away from her owlets.


Nearly two weeks out of the nest, this owlet can fly short distances. The hungry owlets must compete for the food deliveries.  Being the loudest and most conspicuous is rewarded with food.  This competition gradually leads them far from their nest.


The male does the bulk of the hunting even after the owlets have fledged.  He feeds his young a red-backed vole.

5 thoughts on “HAWK OWLS ON THE MOVE

  1. Butch Mulder

    Here at border town Sumas Washington. Wow!! Some amazing photography. I love it. My family recently found an injured owl and turned it in for rehabilitation. Everything I’ve seen on your site I’ve enjoyed so much. Thanks for bringing Alaska to the view of us so far away.

  2. Jerry Hanson

    Hi Mike: I remember you from the “photo bar” at Osco drug. John V the other pharmacist sent me your blog address. We are so glade you made it with photography. I am sure digital has been a great help as I remember you going through rolls and rolls of film to get the best pictures to print. I live just down the Lewisville Highway from your family in IF and worked in the pharmacy in IF. Retired now and have a small tree farm in Coeur d Alene , Id. Again great to see your fine work. Jerry

  3. Dave Renfrow

    Thanks for the education, in wildlife & Alaska. I love to read & appreciate these things that at 75 I will never get to experience.


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