The last half of September brings Alaskan bull moose out of hiding.  Bulls feed little or not at all for a couple weeks in latter September and early October.  They have just one thing on their minds, cows.

5-12-24Alaskan bull moose grunts as it travels in search of cows.

5-8-35A large bull rubs his antlers on willows.

5-09-51Bull moose travel over long distances in their search for cows.  Some moose gather for the rut in the same place year after year.  These places are called leks.

5-09-47Bull courting his cow.


5-43-3A couple bulls size each other up.

5-47-1_alaskanmoose copyShoving matches help sort out the pecking order.  Occasionally these conflicts turn violent.

5-102-5This magestic bull is the undisputed king of the valley and the bull of choice for the cows.


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